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    Echeveria Decairn 1
    Echeveria Decairn 2
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        2023-06-02 ~ 2023-06-30
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    • Quantity 1pcs
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    origin : 한국

    Echeveria Decairn

    * K-Farm Url.


    Nice to meet you.
    Everyone around the world who loves succulents!
    This is a K-Farm store that can be shipped overseas.

    - Save up to 30% on each purchase price. 
    Under Discount Method at Payment, click Product Price Discount.

    - You can choose between EMS and DHL for delivery.

    - Plants older than 35 days will be deleted.
    - Depending on the condition of the plant, it may be re-uploaded or the price may change.

    - Shipping is a temporary measurement fee.
    It may be reduced or higher because it is difficult to measure the exact shipping cost. 
    We will refund the remaining amount after delivery.
    and if the shipping cost is more expensive, we will charge the shipping cost additionally.

    - In spring, summer, and fall, we ship them wrapped in a soft cotton.
    Winter is shipped in cold air protection packs and cotton.

    - plant are shipped safely after drying for two weeks.
    The invoice can also be modified as desired.

    If you have any further questions or
    other questions, please send me a message.
    I will always give you a quick answer during office hours. 
    Thank you.

    Register date : 2023-05-26 16:28:32

    Modify date : 2023-05-26 16:28:35

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    • 1683121944

      Pachyveria cv. Worthy one


    • 1683122014

      Sedum Clavatum


    • 1683121774

      E. hughmillus


    • 1683121519



    • 1683121712



    • 1683121624

      Graptopetalum Purple Delight


    • 1683121651

      E. Snowball


    • 1683121682

      E. Snowball


    • 1683121548

      E. cv Onslow


    • 1683121971

      Sempervivum Raspberry Ice