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    origin : 한국

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    • 1664163774

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664163434

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664163698

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664163013

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664163994

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664162593

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664162729

      Haworthia truncata variegated


    • 1664163629

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664164052

      Haworthia truncata


    • 1664163857

      Haworthia truncata


    1. The importer(customer) must accurately understand the plant import requirements of his/her country before placing an order. (Please contact customs or plant quarantine station) (If your nation is USA, you can refer to this USDA manual.)

    2. Xplant is not responsible for any problems that arise after arrival in your country.
    (Any problems arise at customs and quarantine station (tax, delay delivery, missing package) except bugs, soil)

    3. Due to the nature of overseas shipments of plants, we ask you to order after fully understanding below things.

      1) Refundable
        - Dead
        - Completely damaged or broken

      2) Non-refundable
        - Some broken branches
        - Fallen leaves
        - Color change
        - Over-growth

    4. If there is a problem, you must request a refund directly to the seller within 3 days of receipt.
    Please send the 1) photo, 2) name and item code of the plant, and 3)order number to the seller.
    If the store does not respond or the problem cannot be resolved, please contact Xplant.
    (Through the "Contact xplant" menu at the top right of the chat window)

    5. In addition, if the parcel is returned/destroyed by customs or quarantine station, you must send us the official documents of the relevant institution. Refund processing is only possible if it is the seller's responsibility, such as soil, bugs, etc.