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origin : Korea


This store(item) can be shipped overseas.

Register date : 2023-12-14 21:59:35

Modify date : 2024-03-19 00:14:37

Hello, this is Been's Succulent :)

The courier is using the Post Office.

Delivery days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!



Please read!

1. Pots and plants cannot be shipped together.

2. Please understand that orders less than 10,000 won (excluding shipping) will be automatically canceled.

3. We only ship plants for safe delivery.

4. In the case of gregarious or long-lived children, they may separate when removed from the pot.

5. When sending, I sent a strong child, but the leaves or nails may be injured during shipping.

6. Enlarge the picture and take it. Be sure to check the tape measure size.


Thank you, I wish you a nice day :)

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      Available time (평) AM 9:00 ~ PM 7:00
      (토) AM 9:00 ~ PM 4:00
      Info Shipping date : 월, 화, 수, 목
      Delivery company : 우체국
      Shipping cost Been Shipping fee
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