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“XPLANT” is a 'Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion, etc. We comply with the personal information protection regulations under the Act' and the 'personal information protection guidelines' established by the Ministry of Information and Communication.
However, the following privacy policy is applied to prevent threats to personal privacy that may arise from illegal actions by some immoral people and to actively protect members' personal information. The privacy policy of the “mall” is disclosed on all pages, and inquiries from users are always welcome. 

1. Collection of personal information 
1-1.Purpose and use of personal information
XPLANT is a more diverse and extensive We collect personal information to provide you with customized services. The personal information collected for this purpose is used for fast and accurate delivery according to the purchase contract and overall statistical data to provide high-quality services tailored to each member's preferences.


1-2. Personal information collection scope
XPLANT is ) We collect only the minimum personal information necessary for the establishment and implementation of the service contract, and other personal information that may significantly infringe on the basic human rights of users, such as religion, place of birth, criminal record, health status, and sex life, without the consent of the user. We do not collect.


1-3. Personal information items and collection method
In this case, most services can be used without exposing personal information. However, if you make a purchase through XPLANT, you will receive the name, phone number, address, postal code, and e-mail address required for delivery and confirmation.
In the case of a member, an address, postal code, phone number, etc. are selectively received for the purpose of sending gifts or souvenirs.

In addition, if you additionally input optional items that are not mandatory, additional service is available. In addition, when a user participates in various promotional events such as quizzes, giveaway events or contests hosted by XPLANT or its partners, even when information needs to be disclosed for service use, such as posting on a bulletin board, personal information is received. You will go through the process of obtaining permission again.

XPLANT is not used for any purpose other than that purpose. No personal information is used.


1-4. User's consent procedure and exceptions
When XPLANT collects user's personal information, it goes through user consent procedures such as the user's signature and seal, electronic signature, e-mail, and clicking on the consent box. However, exceptions are made in the following cases

① There are no special regulations in the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization, etc. If yes
② When necessary for the implementation of service use contract
③ When necessary for fee settlement according to service provision


1-5. Consignment processing of personal information
When XPLANT outsources processing of personal information to an external party, the user's consent is obtained. Even in such a case, the service provider's observance of personal information protection-related instructions, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of provision to third parties, and liability in case of accidents are clearly stipulated through the consignment contract, and the contents of the contract are kept as records.

1-6 Purpose and items of personal information collection and use, collection method 
  go. The purpose of collecting personal information is to determine the member's identity and intention to use the service. This is to provide optimized and customized services by checking the We are only receiving information (we may collect additional information necessary for payment, product delivery, and refund according to the use of services provided by our company. )
I. We do not use personal information for any purpose other than the basic purpose of collection and use, or provide it to a third party without the consent of the member. It doesn't.
It's all. We collect and use personal information for the following purposes:
1) Name (company name), ID, password: our company Identification according to the use of the services provided, provision of age-restricted services, etc.
2) E-mail address, phone number, mobile phone number: smooth transaction between members Proceedings, confirmation of one's intention, complaint handling, notification of new information and notices
3) Recipient's name, address, and phone number: Delivery address for product and prize delivery Confirmation
4) Credit card information, bank account information, mobile phone number information: Provision of payment service
5) IP address, visit date: fraudulent member Prevention of use, prevention of unauthorized use, etc.
6) Other optional items: Materials for providing services tailored to the characteristics of members
D. We collect personal information of members In the case of collection, it must be collected with the consent of the member, and there is a risk of infringing on the basic human rights of the member. Criminal records, health status, etc. information is not collected except for the consent of the member or in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
D. We do this in the following ways: We collect personal information.
1) Homepage, written form, fax, phone, contact customer service, event application
2) Collection through generated information collection tool

1-7 Non-member privacy 
  Even for non-member orders, we only request personal information necessary for delivery, payment, order history inquiry and purchase confirmation, and in this case, the information is not used for purposes other than payment and delivery. 

1-8 Cookie operation and use
  go. We operate cookies for the convenience of users. Cookies are the website A small amount of information that we send to your computer browser. When a user accesses the website, the service provider's computer stores the cookies in the user's browser. You can read the contents and find additional information on your computer to provide services without additional input such as ID and password for access. step, Cookies identify the user's computer, but do not personally identify the user.
B. Users may have a choice about cookies. web Tools > Accept all cookies by adjusting the options in the Internet Options tab, or when cookies are installed You have the option to have us send you a notice or reject all cookies. However, if you refuse to set cookies, services that require cookie setting You may not be able to receive it. 

2. Personal information protection management 
2-1.XPLANT's personal information manager
Name: Changwook Lee
Tel: 070-8658-2365
e-mail: xplant@hanmail.net" target="_blank">xplant@hanmail.net
XPLANT treats users' personal information with the minimum number of people


2-2. When providing personal information to a third party
XPLANT does not use or provide personal information to third parties without permission. However, exceptions are made in the following cases.

① Act on Real Name Financial Transactions and Confidentiality, Use of Credit Information and If there are special provisions in the Protection Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, the Local Tax Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the Bank of Korea Act, the Criminal Procedure Act, and other related laws, etc. We also inform you that we may refuse to use it beyond the scope or provide it to a third party.)

② When necessary for service fee settlement

③ When necessary for statistics, academic research, or market research, a specific individual In case of providing information in an unidentifiable form
④ When obtaining the consent of the user from an affiliate partner who has a business alliance or an informant who provides information as an additional service

⑤ harm anyone who violates the Terms of Use, intentionally or not If you need to identify or contact a giver

⑥ When receiving the user's permission to improve the quality of other services


2-3. Retention period and period of use of personal information
If the Company collects personal information of members, the retention period is, in principle, subject to the terms and conditions of sale and membership at the end of the contract of use pursuant to Article 10 of the Purchase Membership Agreement after membership registration. Until the termination according to Article 11, and if the contract of use is terminated, the company immediately destroys the member's personal information, and without delay the information provided to third parties Take action to destroy it. (However, in order to prevent re-registration during the re-subscription grace period, the contract must be destroyed after two months from the date of termination. In addition, personal information is retained for the specified period in each of the following cases. In the case of retaining transaction details and minimum basic information for the retention period stipulated by laws and ordinances
2) In case the retention period has not been elapsed, In the case of individual consent from the member, it is retained for the agreed period
3) In the following cases, personal information is retained for the specified period
- contract or Records on subscription withdrawal, etc.: 5 years
- Records on payment and supply of goods: 5 years
- Records on handling consumer complaints or disputes : 3 years
B. In order to protect customers' personal information and prevent damage due to leakage of personal information, the company uses the following methods to Personal information is destroyed.
- Personal information printed on paper is shredded or destroyed by incineration.
- Stored in electronic file format Personal information is deleted using a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.
C. With the consent of the member, the member’s personal information If there is a request for viewing, we will take measures so that it can be viewed and confirmed without delay.


2-4. Personal information protection measures
XPLANT's user information is protected with a user ID and a systematically encrypted password. Therefore, only you can directly manage user information. The only way to access personal information is by logging in with the member's ID and password, and XPLANT does not ask for the member's password through any method such as e-mail or phone. For your own security, please change your password frequently.

When changing information, only the person who edits the information must go through the identity verification process It is systematically processed to do this. Passwords are stored systematically encrypted. However, since data transmission over the Internet is not 100% secure, we cannot guarantee the privacy of personal information disclosed through bulletin boards or e-mail exchanges. When sharing or using a computer in a public place, please make every effort to prevent leakage of personal information, such as closing the web browser window after use.


2-5. Management measures
XPLANT provides necessary training to related staff to protect users' personal information, and designates users of the system that handles personal information to disclose personal information learned in the course of work to others. does not provide. In addition, appropriate procedures are in place to audit the compliance of the relevant employees and the implementation specified in this policy. We are doing our best to take action.  

2-6  Disclaimer
  We may provide members with links to other websites or materials. In this case, we Since we have no control over the external sites and materials, we cannot be held responsible for and cannot guarantee the usefulness of the services or materials provided from them. If you move to another site by clicking on a link included by our company, the privacy policy of that site is irrelevant to our company. Members should review the privacy policy of the newly visited site.  

3. User Management

3-1. Withdrawal of consent for personal information
a. Regarding the collection, use, and provision of personal information through membership registration, etc., a member may withdraw consent at any time upon registration.
B. withdrawal of consent You can do so at any time on the “Membership Withdrawal Application” page in the customer center of our site, in writing, by phone, fax, or e-mail to the person in charge of personal information management If you contact us, we will immediately take necessary measures such as deletion of personal information.
C. The company withdraws consent to the collection of personal information and collects personal information. We take the necessary steps to make it easier than the way. 

L. For children under the age of 14, the legal representative has the right to view or correct the child's personal information, You have the right to withdraw your consent to collection and use.


3-2. Viewing and Correcting Personal Information
When a user wants to view or correct their personal information, they can access the website of XPLANT, enter their user ID and password, and then request to view and correct their personal information. Even in this case, XPLANT will notify the user after taking corrective action.


3-3. Dissatisfaction handling
User complaints regarding personal information related to the use of XPLANT's services will be kindly resolved at any time. Please send any complaints to the following e-mail address.
Internet mail address for receiving member complaints: cs961598@nate.com" target="_blank">cs961598@nate.com


3-4. Dispute Mediation
If there is a dispute regarding personal information, XPLANT users can request the handling of the dispute to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee within the Korea Information Protection Center for prompt and effective dispute resolution

- Privacy Infringement Report Center URL: www.cyberprivacy.or.kr PC communication: go eprivacy
- Personal Information Infringement Report Center Tel: 02-1336


This Privacy Policy is subject to changes in government laws and guidelines and changes to XPLANT It may be changed from time to time according to policy changes. Please visit regularly to check the changes. If you have any questions about the changes, please contact the personal information manager (xplant@hanmail.net" target="_blank">xplant@hanmail.net) at any time.

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